Cleaner Home Concentrate 5 Litre

Cleaner Home Concentrate 5 Litre

Disinfection and insecticidal properties

ISOKOR® CLEANER HOME ECO has 100% antibacterial effect tested by the state laboratories for nuclear, chemical and biological defense in the Czech Republic. It destroys bacteria by its capacity to dissolve fats. Long term antibacterial and antiviral effect is achieved by active extracts of plants content causing incapacity of bacteria and viruses to reproduce and multiply. No health risk to human health.

Area of usage

ISOKOR® CLEANER HOME ECO is applicable in both household and industrial cleaning. Ideal for cleaning of

Environments exposed to highly contaminated organic dirt (kitchens, restaurants, buffets, food production)

Social facilities exposed to risk of infection transmission, mold caused by damp environment, or transmission of bacterial or viral infections (wellness, toilets, bathrooms, hospitals, schools etc.)

Day-to-day home usage (cleaning of all surfaces, ideal for fabrics cleaning including leather, high ability of grease or organic color of wine or beetroot removal).

Touchscreens and all kinds of screens and touchpads.

Clean in contact with food. Consumption of residual amount on dishes does not represent any health risk. Ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables before consumption. Being completely biodegradable it is safe to use it in nature.