Lotos Profi

ISOKOR-POLISHER® guarantees long-term protection for all smooth and painted surfaces. Annoying plastering works belong to the past. With ISOKOR-POLISHER® impregnated surfaces remain permanently stain resistant and are easily cleaned. Strong impurities, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms find no liability.Countless cleaners belong to the past. Water is sufficient to keep everything clean. You protect your wallet, have more free time and live healthier. For a clean and healthy home for humans, animals and environment. Save an up to 90% of your annual spending on detergents. You only need 2 means for the entire household. ISOKOR-ECO CLEANER® (cleaner) & ISOKOR-POLISHER® (sealing).

ISOKOR-POLISHER® 100ml / 1 Litre