Cleaner Home Eco

ISOKOR® CLEANER HOME ECO concentrate is 100% natural biodegradable cleaner intended for extremely efficient cleaning and Degreasing It is made by processing plant oils extracted of roots of woody plants, nuts, fruity acids and natural salts. It has positive effect over human health and health of the mammals. It does not contain any carcinogen and toxic chemicals. Does not contain palm oil.

Disinfection and insecticidal properties

ISOKOR® CLEANER HOME ECO has 100% antibacterial effect tested by the state laboratories for nuclear, chemical and biological defense in the Czech Republic. It destroys bacteria by its capacity to dissolve fats. Long term antibacterial and antiviral effect is achieved by active extracts of plants content causing incapacity of bacteria and viruses to reproduce and multiply. No health risk to human health.

Area of usage

ISOKOR® green CLEANER is applicable in both household and industrial cleaning. Ideal for cleaning of:

Clean in contact with food. Consumption of residual amount on dishes does not represent any health risk. Ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables before consumption. Being completely biodegradable it is safe to use it in nature.


Cleaner Home Concentrate 5 Litre